Every so often, Atlas Foundation will utilize tiebacks for retaining walls to create lateral support. These anchors are capable of providing lateral support for both foundation and earth retention projects and can easily be set up using rotary drilling equipment. Helical tieback anchors from CHANCE® in particular, allow installation crews to support up to 200,000lbs.. read more →

Earth retention systems play a critical role in construction projects where it’s necessary for a crew to excavate an area before commencing work on the structure itself. Basically, the goal here is to shore up and stabilize the surrounding soil so it doesn’t topple over onto the project area that’s unearthed, or is in the.. read more →

Having adequate lighting is extremely important – whether it’s in park areas, neighborhoods, near roadways, or in parking lots. Not only does it help people navigate their way around after dark, it also adds a much-needed sense of security. At Atlas, we make the installation of lighting for public spaces easier than ever, using CHANCE®.. read more →

On September 25, Atlas Foundation Company President Mike Moeller spoke to ACEC members and associates at the Minneapolis Marriott West about some of the basics of deep foundations. ACEC, otherwise known as the American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota, serves as a policy advocate for engineering-related firms in the state and regularly holds events… read more →

The new Vikings Stadium site is an immense project currently scheduled for completion in 2016. And if you’ve been anywhere near downtown Minneapolis recently, it’s likely something you noticed. The stadium, which has a price tag of over $1 billion, is being constructed in the same place where the old Metrodome once stood. From the.. read more →