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What is the purpose of Deep Foundations

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Deep Foundations transfer a structures load deeper into the ground where there is sufficient load-bearing capacity to support the structure. Transferring the bearing load to solid ground is critical to ensuring your building will not move over time, causing expensive damage and even more costly repairs. Different methods may transfer the bearing load further into the ground and our selected based on soil conditions and the load requirements. Below is a list of the ones we will be covering in our blog over the next few months. If you have questions on a deep foundation method listed below, we would love for you to share them as we will do our best to address them in the upcoming blogs.

In the picture, below the concrete columns and the pads is the deep foundation that will support this entire structure. Knowing that the beautifully designed multi-million dollar projects depend on making sure you select the right deep foundation, we hope you will enjoy this blog series.

Drilled Piers / Caissons


Pipe Pile / Cast-In-Place Pile, and H-Pile

Helical Anchors

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