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Micropile Rock Drilling / Line Drilling

Grouted Anchors, and Tiebacks

Micropile may be used to stabilize buildings, bridges, or highways and often installed in very dense subsurface conditions, such as bedrock.  Installation of grouted anchors involves a complex process of drilling into soil and or rock, inserting a steel bar, and filling the void with grout. Micropiles are often paired with tiebacks to help provide better lateral support to retaining walls, and existing structures.


Piling Solutions

Pipe-Pile, H-Pile, Sheet-Pile, and Cast-In-Place

The driven Pipe-Pile (Cast-In-Place Pile), and H-pile will help transfer the building loads further down into a solid layer below the surface, providing a reliable and stable foundation. They may also use those as the supporting structure of retaining walls. Sheet-Pile's primary use is for temporary and permanent retaining walls.

Helical Peirs Mintonka.jpg

Helical Piers / Helical Anchors

An Economic Deep Foundation Alternative For Certain Projects


  • Helical Piers have a low impact on the environment, making them an excellent choice in wetlands or on lakes for boardwalks, pedestrian bridges, and docks. 

  • Helical anchors paired with underpinning brackets may repair existing foundations with settlement damage.

  • Helical anchors make it possible to build or repair where it otherwise would not be feasible.

  • Economically provide a deeper and more stable foundation for decks, docks, boardwalks, buildings, utility towers, and more. 

  • Helical Anchors / Helical Piers have a low ecological impact and allow for placement in complicated areas where utility and electrical towers need to go.


Earth Retention / Retaining Walls

Soil Retention Solutions

We offer earth retention solutions for temporary and permanent applications. Examples of our earth retention capabilities include sheet pile, soldier pile lagging, soil nail shotcrete, tiebacks, and secant walls.  One of these options will be perfect for your retaining wall needs.


Drilled Piers / Caissons

Highest Load Capacity Deep Foundation Solution

Drilled Piers, also referred to as Caissons or bored piles, are a deep foundation system that is formed by drilling out a shaft that is back-filled with concrete and reinforced with rebar, and often steel casing.  Caissons may reach diameters of up to 14 feet for structural support of large buildings, stadiums, bridges, towers, retention systems, and utilities.


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